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Mystic Knotwork

Whale Tail Bracelet Brass

Small / Navy
Small / Diamond
Small / Blue Stripe
Small / Turquoise
Medium / Navy
Medium / Diamond
Medium / Blue Stripe
Medium / Turquoise
Large / Navy
Large / Diamond
Large / Blue Stripe
Whale Tail Bracelet Handmade in the USA. Three sizes; small (6 inches) medium (7 inches), and large (8 inches). This whale tail is cut from a solid piece of brass, representing a streamlined take on the nautical tradition. Metal and fiber, the whale tail bracelet is designed for the nautical environment. Brass, there is no plating to separate and the rope is polyester, resistant to damage from sun or salt air. This bracelet will last as long as you want it to, in fact it looks more interesting after months and years of daily wear. Made in Connecticut