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Topper Chambray Shirt

  • Work shirt made from rope-dyed 7.5 oz fabric.
  • Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA
  • A note from Tony & Pete:
    • "People ask the question, if you can only listen to one album on a deserted island, what would it be? The answer swings wide, depending on your upbringing but even though you may get the shivers with some of the answers, you still wait for the response, ready to pounce... Switch an album with a shirt and our answer is clear- take the Topper Denim Shirt with you. It is the first shirt they ever designed. It is the best selling shirt they've ever made. It is the shirt that let them get into the clothing game that involved anything above the waist. The original intention was to make this with a heavy dose of workwear with an equal amount of western sensibility. The weight is perfect to them and the fit will not let you down. Tony had the last say about the pockets just before they finished with their pattern maker and he made sure that the pencil holder on the chest pocket favored left handed writers, which I am not."
  • Either way, righties can reach it well enough so consider this your next shirt.