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Frank and Eileen

Frank & Eileen - L/S Funnel Neck Capelet - White

  • With the same over-sized fit as their LAB516TF, their LAB518TF Funnel Neck Sweatshirt perfectly combines the elegance of a classic mock turtleneck sweater with all the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt. With architectural elements and an eye for careful construction, the LAB518TF has a single seam down the shoulder creating a Continuous Sleeve with no shoulder seams.  
  • Remember your boyfriend's perfectly worn in college sweatshirt? It’s like that… but better!
  • Blend: 100% Cotton Fleece
  • You dirty tart! Time for a wash.
  • No need to turn yourself inside out, just the shirt. If you can't find a friend to do the dirty work, find a machine and wash in cold water. Brrrr. Save the bleach for your socks. Tumble dry on low, have a cup of tea and stand by to remove promptly.