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SPRING LAKE, NJ.... Coming Soon!

Fowler Surfboards

7' 6" New Machine - Two Tone Blue

  • Dimensions: 7' 6" x 23" x 3" 1/8, 62 L
  • 5 Fin, Vee Tail Shortboard
  • For nearly a decade Fowler has worked extensively with V Bottom configurations in the surfboards he builds.  His use of Plane Geometry in surfboards is unsurpassed.
  • With over half a century of shaping experience, his focus remains strong with the belief that every surfboard Bruce designs needs to possess certain key elements:
  • "Every surfboard I design has to paddle well and get into waves easily.  It should be stable but very maneuverable,  it should have fast trim speed that keeps any level surfer from bogging down in a wide variety of waves.  A successful surfboard design helps any level of surfer progress rapidly while having more fun."
  • Bruce has been instrumental in reviving typical early day designs & evolving them into something far more special.  The New Machine is no different, using his decades of accumulated knowledge & shaping prowess, he has developed what he regards as one of the best performance daily drivers of his entire career.
  • In Bruce's own words:
  • "All surfboards are not created equal.  There was a time when a lot of peer pressure was exerted to ride thin, narrow, highly rockered surfboards if you wanted to be considered a serious surfer.  In fact, those so called "pro glass slippers" were very difficult to ride for beginning & intermediate surfers, and resulted in holding back their individual progress.  In worst case scenarios, some beginners gave up thinking surfing was too difficult for them".
  • "My design focus is to create a surfboard that will make you a better surfer quickly while having a lot of fun.  In the case of The New Machine, I have combined the very best elements that makes for a successful design and given it a shot of steroids.  It's the kind of surfboard you keep in your quiver forever."
  • "The New Machine has very unique design combinations:  the wide tail has an aspect ratio reminiscent of early day Simmons,  yet the rider doesn't feel that width while turning because I have incorporated a generous Panel Vee & Uber Tail Foil that minimizes the resistance the surfer experiences while turning and moving thru water.  The increased tail section provides tremendous horsepower for effortless paddling & early entry into waves."
  • "My Two Rocker System generates incredible straight line trim speed while redistributing
  • The bulk of the board directly under the rider's feet.  Less foam fore 'n aft of the rider's stance creates more lift with less resistance.  This makes the board easier to turn & easier to duck dive."  The design has more drive than a narrow board while retaining the ability to quickly transition rail to rail;  something not commonly found in wider surfboards."