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Archies - Arch Support Flip Flops - Pink

  • A pair of arch support flip flops so comfy and supportive, you'll never want to take them off your feet!
  • By combining key designing features we have re-imagined what flip flops are:
    • Real Arch Support- Almost 1 inch of orthotic support encourages optimal foot posture aiding whole body alignment.
    • Super Comfy Material- Our specialized closed cell foam material is formulated to mold to your foot.
    • No Blowouts- Our ultra-strong one-piece design makes the flip flops virtually indestructible.
    • No Toe Clawing- Tight Strap = No Toe-Clawing. Your toes don't have to grip to keep your flip flops on, allowing you to walk all day without overusing muscles and tendons in the feet.
    • Physio Designed- Designed by an Australian Physiotherapist to solve the problems associated with wearing flat flip flops.